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  • 7 Reasons why you must make a Will

    7 Reasons why you must make a Will

    7 Reasons Why You Must Make A Will

    1. You decide who will receive the benefits from your estate and not the law

    2. If you are not married but have a partner your partner will receive nothing unless you make a will

    3. If you are divorced, you can decide to leave something to your former partner

    4. You can make the best use of allowances to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax to be paid

    5. If you have children, you can nominate who you choose to care for them

    6. If you have no surviving relatives, everything could automatically pass to the state

    7. You can decide to leave a donation to charity

    Arguably everyone over the age of 18 should make a will, but certainly when you have a partner and children become involved, it is absolutely vital.

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  • Will Aid 2013

    Will Aid 2013

    Athi Law raised £1047.50 for Will Aid 2013!

  • I haven’t made a Will …So What?

    I haven’t made a Will …So What?

    By Sarah Beresford, Marketing Manager

    So What…It’s that age-old question…So What? I love it really; it cuts to the chase, and across everything you do. I’ve just brought my own house, I have a family and hold down a responsible job – well I like to call it that! I got to think the other day, what would happen if I weren’t here? It makes you shudder and is absolutely horrible to think about (let alone write it down!). But, let’s face it, life goes on and I know I am not invincible.

    This is the bit where you think I go all melancholy or something…well no. I feel I’ve worked hard for what I have achieved, and really, I want some of what I’ve worked for to continue after I go. I have a son, who’s 11 and will hopefully (if he knuckles down and does well at school) have a bright and sparkling career. I’d like to think that some of what I work for now is going to help him in future…

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