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Property - what to expect

Your offer on a property has been accepted. Simple.

What’s Next? Conveyancing. This is where we make your life a whole lot easier. Really, we do. From the word go, we’ll guide you in the right direction, from making an offer through to exchange and completion.

That’s what we do

We guarantee to manage your house purchase efficiently. And, as we’re local it helps that we know local estate agents.

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Buying a house has never been easier

We’ll start as we mean to go on. It helps to understand what’s involved in buying a house.

  • First you’ll need to supply us with your Estate Agency details
    a. The seller’s solicitor will contact us and provide relevant information
    b. We’ll check this information and perform Searches (e.g. Local searches)
  • At this point, make sure your financial arrangements are ready
  • Once you are happy with everything, we go to Exchange
    a. Exchange is legally binding
    b. We’ll then help organize the completion/moving in date
  • On Completion day, we’ll transfer your funds electronically
    a. As the seller receives payment, the estate agent will release your keys
  • Finally, payment of Stamp duty is then made and you are registered as owners with the Land registry
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Your questions answered

  • As soon as your offer is accepted, let us know your estate agent’s details. Your seller’s Solicitors will send us information relating to the purchase and we’ll check thoroughly. We’ll ask for any additional or missing information.
  • Par for the course are the Searches. E.g. a Local search identifies planning history of a property, environmental searches shows what type of land the property has been built on. Also at this point, you’ll need to have made financial arrangements such as a mortgage.
  • We then go to exchange – that’s legally binding, and means you are satisfied with everything, funds are ready and a deposit will be paid to the seller. We’ll then help arrange a completion/move in date.
  • When you complete, we’ll transfer your funds. It’s only after your seller receives the money, that your estate agent will release the property’s keys. Finally, we’ll make sure your Stamp duty is paid and register your ownership of the property with the land registry.


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