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Commercial - what to expect

Managing your commercial assets is an important part of business.

Working together with businesses like yours, we help in areas such as business purchases or sales, preparing leases and contracts, and landlord or tenant transactions.

Often it’s difficult to resolve business issues without involving some sort of litigation, which is why we are here. We can advise in all commercial litigation cases. We’re experts at resolving debt collection cases, and providing the legal help and support you need if your company is facing insolvency.

  • Business Purchases and sales
  • Non disclosure agreements
  • Litigation – commercial and private
  • Licensing of premises
  • Landlord and tenant agreements
  • Debt Collection
  • Insolvency
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Factors to consider when you’re a landlord

All too often, you’ll hear landlords wishing they’d laid out clearly the rights of their tenants before they’d handed over the keys. Here’s a quick checklist of things to consider.

  • Always remember no matter how nice someone is – ‘your prospective tenant’ – this is a business contract, you must check out their credentials
  • Make sure that you’ve done a credit report
  • Take references from credible sources such as bank, former landlord, employer
  • Put everything down in writing – this may sounds basic, but make sure you put every detail of your arrangements in a tenancy agreement and be sure to create an inventory of items
  • There are several types of tenancy agreement, we can advise on the best route to take
  • If you do find you’re having problems, or have difficult tenants; we’ll be able to point you in the right direction – from unpaid rent, to serving a section 21 notice, or simply to getting a tenant to leave
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Commercial Litigation

Sometimes difficult situations do arise and without a robust contract in place they become hard to resolve.

  • Whilst it’s often difficult to cover off every eventuality, never feel worried about putting very small details and requirements in writing – it saves time and stress later down the line if there are queries
  • Remember when drafting up contracts – whether it’s business to business, or business to customer, it’s really important to factor in from an early stage any terms and conditions or conditions of sales of goods and services
  • We’ll help and advise on all contractual, shareholder and partnership disputes, property litigation, and financial recovery


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