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Power of Attorney - what to expect

Think ahead.

Think what happens if…

Typically, most of us don’t want to think about not having the ability to make our own decisions, and manage our own money or assets.  A Power of attorney lets you appoint someone to manage your affairs in advance, and is really worthwhile doing. 

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Reasons to create a Power of Attorney

  • It avoids friends, family and loved ones having to go through the potentially long process of applying for one through court, and bearing the expenses at a time of already increased stress.
  • There are two key types of Power of attorney, one covering health and mental wellbeing, the other covering property and financial affairs. 
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Court of Protection

We also help in cases requiring court protection, which is needed when someone can’t make their own decisions. Often it is for people who are in danger, at risk or need you to act on their behalf to help with financial or personal health decisions.


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