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I haven’t made a Will …So What?

By Sarah Beresford, Marketing Manager

So What…It’s that age-old question…So What? I love it really; it cuts to the chase, and across

everything you do. I’ve just brought my own house, I have a family and hold down a responsible job – well I like to call it that! I got to think the other day, what would happen if I weren’t here? It makes you shudder and is absolutely horrible to think about (let alone write it down!). But, let’s face it, life goes on and I know I am not invincible.

This is the bit where you think I go all melancholy or something…well no. I feel I’ve worked hard for what I have achieved, and really, I want some of what I’ve worked for to continue after I go. I have a son, who’s 11 and will hopefully (if he knuckles down and does well at school) have a bright and sparkling career. I’d like to think that some of what I work for now is going to help him in future…

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